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Missy's Woodland Pet Spaw

Welcome to Missy's ( Melissa S ) Grooming shop in the woods. Just 10 minutes from Stittsville, Carleton Place and Almonte. Professional experienced pet grooming in a quiet and cage free salon with one on one care.


Missy’s Services & Pricing

Every service requires an appointment

Baby Dawg Aka Puppy Intro Under 6 Months
Starting at $35+ (taxes included)
*Prices depends on size and breed.
It’s important for your puppy to start at young age to develop a relationship/bond with a groomer and get used to the 
whole grooming experience and atmosphere. 
This is an introductory package, no full haircuts involved and recommended for puppy’s first time at the groomers!
Oh, My Dog! Full Groom Package
Starting at $65+ (taxes included )
*Prices depends on size and breed

6 months and older dogs with a full haircut
This package includes: 

Scrub A Dub Dub Bath And Brush Package

Starting at $40 + (taxes included)   
*Prices depends on size and breed 
For dogs that require no hair trimming  
This package includes: 
-Bath with a deep cleansing shampoo tailored to your dog’s skin and coat type.  

Add On Packages / Extra Services

“Shed Happens, brush it off “ Deshedding package
* add $10-$40 to full groom or bath and brush price (depending on size and coat condition)
Anal gland expression 
(internally or externally) 
$20 (taxes included)  
Teeth brushing + breath spray 
$10 (taxes included) 
Matting Fees:
*$5-$50 extra (added to full groom price) prices depending on the severity of the matting
Sometimes mats happen, from the weather conditions, time, life in general, not enough brushing, and other factors. In 
order to remove the mats, you need to get under the mat. If you are not able to get a comb under the mat and it’s right 
to the skin, the safest option is to shave the hair with a short blade.  
I will not do any dematting on the dog. I will not try to remove anything that’s tight to the skin. I do not take pleasure in 
shaving dogs, but I will not put the dog in pain. Humanity over vanity. Better to start over fresh and let the hair grow 

A La Carte Services

Requires an appointment
Nail Trimming
$12 (taxes included) 
Nail grinding
$17 (taxes included) 
$20-$30 (taxes included) 
Nail trimming or grinding pad shave and foot trim 
Teeth brushing and breath spray  
$10 (taxes included) 
Face Trim
$10 (taxes included) 
Ear cleaning/plucking 
$10 (taxes included) 
Brush out 
$15-$50 (taxes included) 
Anal gland expression
$20 (taxes included) 
Cat nail trim
$20 (taxes included) 

R U Kitten Me?

Cat Services and Pricing

“I Am Lion, Hear Me Rawr!” Lion Trim

**please note that I will not shave any cats longer then the #10 blade.  
** they will be wearing a Elizabethan collar for my protection. 
$70-$90 (taxes included) 
What's Included:

“Wash Your Paws Right Meow!”

Cat bath and brush package  
$75-$100 (taxes included) 
What's Included:

Grooming Prices

Some of the problems you and your cat may be dealing with are tangles, mats, fleas, dandruff, allergies, hairballs, sharp or ingrown claws, shedding, grease, odours, and unsanitary conditions. No matter the problem, we are here to serve you.

Baby dawg aka Puppy intro under 6 months

Its important for your puppy to start at young age to develop a relationship/bond with a groomer and get used to the whole grooming experience and atmosphere. This is an introductory package , no full haircuts involved and recommended for puppy’s first time at the groomers !










Medium Breed

Miniature Poodle


Wheaton Terrier


Miniature Doodle


Cocker Spaniel




Large Breed

Australian Shepherds


German Shepherds


Wirehaired Pointers




Border Collie



Full Day


Half Day


Groom and Stay

$20 + Grooming

Review us

“My little Maggie always struggled with mats and always had a hard time cleaning herself due to her long hair.  She is a very shy cat and has to be gently approached and handled.  Her life changed that day and we are never going to be looking back.  Melissa did a great job, and I recommend to everyone without hesitation.  This is one of those things you only regret not having done earlier.”

Leslie Jenson - Kanata
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